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Peter Capaldi begs co-star Jenna Coleman not to quit show

Peter Capaldi has pleaded with co-star Jenna Coleman not to leave Doctor Who , writes Toby McDonald in the Sunday People . The 29-year-old was ready to quit the hit BBC show last season after playing the time lord's companion for over two years. But Capaldi, 57, said their on-screen chemistry was too good to lose.

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Tim's Take On... : Tim's Take On: Episode 286(Tom Baker at Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con)

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to witness one of the more interesting and entertaining appearances by Tom Baker at a convention in recent years, the event was Folkestone Film, TV and Comic Con on 9th May 2015, he came across as slightly less eccentric but more open and honest. So here it is almost in full for your enjoyment too.

Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi teases season 9: Exclusive first look

Is Peter Capaldi freaking out about losing his guest star Maisie Williams, of Comic-Con virginity at the panel in Hall H? What can he tell us about the still-being-filmed new season of the British science fiction show (which premieres on BBC America this fall)?

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