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Audio of Peter Capaldi and Craig Furgeson's Punk Band, The Dreamboys

The first live show for the Nerdist Podcast at San Diego Comic-Con this year saw Chris, Matt, and Jonah chatting with the current Doctor on Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi. During the discussion, Peter made mention several times of a punk band that he was in with actor/comedian/and fellow Scotsman Craig Ferguson.

Ask the Execs: Missy - the Next Companion?

Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin on Missy as the next companion... and Michelle Gomez!

Christopher Eccleston on leaving Doctor Who: "I'm always there in spirit"

Ask the Execs: Monsters in the New Series...

Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin on the monsters - old and new - that feature in S9...

Doctor Who series 9 to shed light on Peter Capaldi's surprise Day of the Doctor cameo

Ask the Execs: Favourite Clara Moments

Intriguing insights into the new series of Doctor Who plus a fave Clara scene from S8...

Doctor Who series 9: Capaldi and Gomez tease links to previous series 'Doctor Who' star says re-used location in Season 8 is significant - CultBox Ingrid Oliver "happy dances" her way back into Doctor Who (and our hearts) as Osgood returns